Who is the Second University


We connect students in BSc/MSc/PhD level, junior and professional engineers who are aiming to improve their skills in academic and professional level with aid of highly-qualified university lecturers and professional engineers in industry. Our aim is to provide academic support for the students or engineers with various backgrounds.

The Second University philosophy is to help students/graduated students/ young engineers to succeed through world-class online/group class/one-to-one tuition and educational consultancy. We will help students /graduated students /engineers to improve their understanding of the concepts and problem solving ability, increase their confidence, accelerate their learning by focusing on theoretical methods along with practical structural analysis/design, and finally to be able to play a significant role as engineers in their professional career in both consultancy and contractor sector.

A wide range of one/two days courses have been designed for graduated engineers to improve their knowledge about structural analysis and design or for the experienced engineers working in the companies willing to apply for senior position or hartered engineer.

Our office is located in Westminster, London, Basewater. We offer a combination of one/two days courses, group classes, one-to-one lessons with private tutors in London and Birmingham as well as online tuition to for our national and international clients.

The Second University aims to fill the gap between conventional university and industry in Civil Engineering field. Our educational centre is an integral part of the Second University international which mainly provides face-to-face, on-line and distance courses. Two decades of rich history in teaching, structural analysis and design have provided an opportunity to deliver the first class and high level of teaching in both theoretical and practical analysis and design of wide range of structures.

All the learners will gain the required skills to have a successful career either during studying at Universities or in a professional career. Just let us know what level you are aiming to gain.

All our staff graduated from the best universities all over the world e.g. Birmingham, Acland, Chennai, and Kingston with PhD degree and currently they are faculty members of different universities with average 10-21years experience in teaching, research and industry.