ABAQUS (Advanced)



  Non-linear Modeling course builds on the first course linear modelling and takes one step further. This course delivers the skill set in non-linear structural modeling & analysis in the framework of the finite element method that is required to solve problems from the engineering practice. The weekly lectures and practicals impart both, practical experience with the modeling pipeline of commercial FE software and the theory fundamentals for the numerical approximation of non-linear engineering phenomena.


In this course students will gain:

  • a strong theoretical understanding of non-linear FEM
  • how to apply non-linear FEM to practical engineering problems
  • efficient modeling and solution techniques
  • understanding for the importance of verification and validation

While the previous course, linear modelling, is the required background, working professionals who are experienced with structural/stress analysis may choose to enroll directly in this course.


The main topics of this course:

  • nonlinear finite element method
  • large displacements
  • plasticity
  • composites
  • cohesive zone modeling